Emergency Information for Residents & Visitors of Waihi Beach & Surrounds - PLEASE NOTE THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED WITH THE LATEST ADVICE 20/01/20

In the event of a tsumani, earthquake or other major disaster Waihi Beach, Bowentown and Athenree will be supporting ourselves for at least three days in the absence of any official Civil Defence Emergency Management practical assistance.

The Waihi Beach and Athenree Community Response Teams (CRT's) manage the emergency evacuation centres in such emergencies. The CRT's have developed three local resource plans. One for Waihi Beach, one for Bowentowen and one for Athenree.  Read or download these HERE.


How will you be alerted to an emergency?

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Bay of Plenty Emergency Management alert communities to emergencies, through text alerts, email alerts, television and radio. To subscribe to text alerts and  so that you may be informed immediately of an evacuation order or beach alert  at www.bopcivildefence.govt.nz.  These alerts also tell you what to do plus radio and media contacts. There are no tsumani sirens in Waihi Beach , Bowentown or Athenree so do not expect one.


Community Guide to Emergencies Waihi Beach, Athenree and Bowentown Brochure

These information brochures were delivered to every household and business over the Christmas 2015 period. If you don’t have yours anymore, or have recently moved to the area there will be spares at the Waihi Beach Information Centre (in the village), or ring: Allan Sole 863 5124, Stan Foster 863 1310 or Marilyn Roberts 863 4326.

The CRT's are currently negotiating with Emergency Management and Bay Of Plenty Regional Council  for information signage for key beach access areas. This is part of our developing Community Resilience Strategies.

Join Us

Our Community Response Teams welcome like-minded persons to train with us to expand our teams. Just call one of us for further information.

Waihi Beach: Marilyn Roberts 863 4326, Stan Foster 863 1310Athenree: Allan Sole 863 5124, Peter Morton, 863 4209, Bronwyn Hamilton 863 5469.


Waihi Beach & Surrounds Evacuation/Meeting Points

  • Waihi Beach – RSA (or any other high ground)
  • Bowentown – Bowentown Heads/Anzac Bay high points
  • Athenree – Athenree Rapleys Coolstore, 129 Athenree Road (or any other high points around Koutunui Heights or Athenree Rd/SH2)

Tsunami Evacuation Route Map
To view or download a map of the Civil Defence CLICK HERE.


What to do in a Tsunami

Get to high ground immediately if you experience the warnings signs below. Get safe first, then plan your next steps. Tsunami can arrive in hours or minutes. Be aware that there may be more than one wave and it may not be safe for up to 24 hours, or longer. The waves that follow the first one may also be bigger.

Natural Tsunami Warnings

  • Strong earthquake shaking (i.e. it is hard to stand up)
  • Weak, rolling earthquake shaking of unusually long duration (i.e. a minute or more)
  • Out of ordinary sea behaviour, such as unusual and sudden sea level fall or rise
  • The sea making loud and unusual noises, especially roaring like a jet engine

What to do in a….

CLICK HERE for a link through to the Civil Defence page which provides information on what to do in severe weather, floods, earthquake etc.


Get Ready, Get Thru

This website has a range of information about how to get yourself ready as best you can with information such as Household Emergency Plans, radio stations to listen to, Getaway Kits and even ways to make emergency sanitation, plus much more CLICK HERE.

Subscribe to Emergency Alerts

To sign up for BOP Civil Defence emails & texts in an emergency CLICK HERE.


Download the Red Cross Hazard App

The free-to-download Red Cross Hazard App provides emergency information. The app also has a “I am safe” service for after a significant event, as well as a torch tool, strobe light, alarm & much more - CLICK HERE.


Media Releases

You can subscribe to BOP Civil Defence media releases on the same page as the “subscribe to emergency alerts”. Otherwise, BOP media relases are available CLICK HERE.


Radio Stations to Listen to:

The following radio networks work collaboratively with civil defence emergency management authorities to broadcast important information and advice in an emergency.

Radio New Zealand National
Newstalk ZB
The Hits
More FM
Radio Live

Ensure you have a battery operated radio. In an emergency find, and tune in to, your local radio station as they will broadcast official civil defence information that is appropriate for your community and situation.

Record the frequency for your local stations in your Emergency Plan.


Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

This document is a useful guide for emergency planning for vulnerable loved ones, but also for emergency planning in general  - CLICK HERE.


This page is currently being updated with the latest information. In the mean time, please view the images below to see the latest advice regarding how to prepare for and react to emergencies at Waihi Beach.