This update is provided by Western Bay of Plenty District Council. 

The flash flooding on 29 May last year had a devastating impact on many people in Waihī Beach. Significant rainfall was unable to drain away from some areas of the town, causing major damage to properties and forcing residents from their homes.

Waihī Beach is a special place, but that unique environment also brings challenges. It’s low lying, with little natural drainage and is close to the coast. These factors make it difficult for stormwater to drain away during heavy rain. Because of this, some areas of Waihī Beach will always have some level of flooding. However, it’s a priority for us to do our utmost to improve stormwater drainage as much as
we can.

Since the flooding last year, we’ve been doing lots of mahi on the stormwater systems in Waihī Beach which we’d like to share with you.

Click this link to view the updates – Waihi Beach Stormwater letter to residents_May2024