Transform Today is a community based gym where everybody is made to feel that they have a place to feel they belong, feel comfortable, welcome and valued. This dedication to the community is illustrated by the variety of classes Victoria offers, such as Mature Movers, Under 16s fitness, Men’s Only classes, to name a few, regardless of their age, gender, size and level of fitness. Victoria is one of three trainers at the gym and between them they provide rehabilitation, strength training, high-quality athlete training and nutrition advice. Discounts are offered to emergency volunteer community groups including surf lifeguards, fire fighters, Coastguard and police.

Aware that during Covid and lockdowns with our borders closed, it was very clear to Victoria that our beaches were going to have a significant increase in visitor numbers. To address this likelihood, she and her team volunteered their services to the Surf Lifesaving Club and offered their combined training skills to prepare the lifesavers to manage the anticipated increase in people on our beaches.

Victoria’s one piece of advice is that people should not think they need to get fit before they embark on a relationship with a gym. She sees that as ‘counterintuitive’. She cannot emphasise enough the benefits to be gained from joining a gym, both mentally and physically.

The gym is open every day from 5am until 11pm and has a keypad entry for members.

027 375 1449