Hi Ladies. Tell us a little about yourselves and Threads of Mayhem?

We are a mother-daughters team made up of Matriarch Penny, Kasey and Sam. Threads of Mayhem stocks a large selection of independent children’s clothing, accessories and giftware from around the world. Catering for children aged 0-12 years and always offering the current season’s latest styles.

Congratulations on turning one in October. How does that feel?

Surreal. It feels like just the other day that we were throwing around a crazy idea about starting up a kid’s store. We have been so lucky to survive this year – especially with Covid. There has been some highs and some very low lows. But we’re still smiling and super proud of the little gem we’ve created.

 Yours is a family business. Who does your family consist of?

Penny: Kasey, Sam and I, their partners Sam and Billy, and my 4 grand-babies live here at Waihi Beach. I also have 2 more grown up children and 2 more grand-babies in Auckland and Australia. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to start this venture, or survive it, without the unconditional love and financial support of my husband Gary. A special mention for Nana Jane, aka Beach Grandma, and Jane’s Husband Peter, aka Mr Chairman, our go-to man for business advice. Jane keeps us grounded and brings order to our ‘mayhem’. We love her to bits.

 How long have you been living at Waihi Beach?

Penny: Gary and I decided to move here about 8 years ago from Hamilton. We had elderly parents in Katikati at the time. It didn’t take long for our kids to follow.

How did you come up with the name Threads of Mayhem, and is it a coincidence that one of your children is named Tommy?

That is pure coincidence! Getting the business started was a crazy, mad rush. We literally threw some random words into google to come up with Threads of Mayhem. It actually took us a while to realise that the abbreviation ‘ToM’ was also an acronym for Thomas who was 4 months old when we opened.

How important is the Waihi Beach community to your business?

Absolutely paramount. The community keeps us ticking along in the quiet times and we have been so privileged to meet some amazing local families. Being able to contribute towards it, and to give where we can, has been a blessing. Waihi Beach has an amazing small community and we are just one link in the chain.

We mention in this issue how dog friendly Waihi Beach is. Do your family dogs play a part as ToM’s–unofficial mascots perhaps?

We have several four-legged babies in our little family. When you come into the store you could be greeted by one of several security “staff”. Sam’s dog Gidget is certainly one of them, as is Penny’s dog Rizzo. There’s also Beach Nana’s babies, Mia, Millie and Molly (who model ToM’s clothing on a regular basis).

Parenting (and grandparenting) can be such ‘mayhem’. Does being a family owned and operated business help you achieve work-life balance?

It is certainly a case of real Mayhem when it comes to our lot. It can be a challenge to juggle it all, but we think we’ve got the balance just about sorted. We all live 7 minutes apart. Waihi Beach School is just around the corner, so the big munchkins walk to ToM’s after school, and the in-store TV provides entertainment until we finish work. Tommy goes to a local pre-school. We work together and also workout together in the mornings with a local trainer. Plus, of course, we don’t say no to a wine together. Could be too much for some, but it works for us.