Predator Free Waihī Beach is a community led, backyard trapping initiative that aims to bring native birds back to our region. As a result of this initiative, 1,398 pests have been eradicated from Waihī Beach in the past 12 months. Rats are the biggest threat to our native birds, one rat is likely to kill up to 50 birds in its lifetime.

Everyone can help bring our natives back to Waihī Beach, and better still you don’t have to go far as the Waihī Beach Menz Shed, at the rear of the Waihī Beach Community Centre, now has a fully stocked community pest trap library.

The pest trap library opened in October 2022 and now stocks over 80 different traps that target all species. All traps are National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee approved and have been designed to kill the pests ethically, in the most painless and quickest way possible. The traps are available for a free three month rental. Free Victor rat traps can also be collected from the trap library. Instructions, tips and training about safe trapping are provided by the Menz Shed.

Live Well Waihī Beach co-ordinator Pippa Coombes said, “The time to act is now; the statistics are terrifying. Our landscape is home to many rare birds, the little blue penguin |Kororā, and nationally threatened Northern New Zealand dotterel |tūturiwhatu, as well as a dwindling number of natives such as Tui, Kaka, Fantails and Bellbirds, and that list is not exhaustive.”

As part of the Predator Free programme, tamariki from Waihī Beach School recently got involved with Project Kororā – a target predator trapping project focusing on the protection of the Little Blue Penguin Colony at Anzac Bay. This was a ten-week programme and is the first part of the roll-out of Predator Free Bowentown.

If you have a keen interest in becoming involved with predator trapping or other projects, such as Predator Free Bowentown, please contact Pippa at