Margaret Clarke (Mags), has always followed her gut instinct and forged her own path.  From travelling across the Trans-Siberian route in the early 1980s to living on a remote Northern Territory island of Milingimbi just a few years ago, she relishes challenge and adventure.  And once she has her mind set on something, she’s all in.

This has led her to establish My Learning Solutions (MLS), a learning programme that recognises the unique individual learning needs of children and adults and moves them forward to the next level.  With a history of managing and tutoring in literacy and numeracy; and teaching English as a second language, Mags has an incredible passion to help others achieve their full potential.  Coaching one-on-one allows the tutor to focus on the most pressing need of the individual learner.

Mag’s teaching is centered around the internationally acclaimed learning programme, Reading Simplified by Dr Marnie Ginsberg.    This programme unlocks decoding issues faced by those who struggle to read and yields rapid results.  The philosophy behind MLS structure is to work at making things better than they were.  With this new initiative, MLS has incorporated into their vision statement: ‘all who are connected with MLS will THRIVE’.

The demand for MLS has grown so quickly, that Mags is training new tutors to assist with extra clients. Mags is working with an external provider to implement her programme nationally, with a view to educating members of the community who want to start apprenticeships but are lacking the academic skills.  “I am also so excited to share the news, that just this month, some local Waihi Beach businesses have come forward offering scholarships for local children” says Mags “This shows the level of care and support in this wonderful community”.

This is just the start after only one year of starting MLS!

And never one to let an opportunity pass, Mags also recognised the need in our community for a reliable taxi service.  So just 10 months ago, she started a side-gig called Mags Cabs, offering a five-seater cab service.  With demand growing so rapidly, she has recently invested in a nine-seater van, so can provide large-party transport.  She covers small trips from needing a ride home on the weekend to bigger organised events such as weddings or airport drop-offs.  Bookings are always recommended particularly over summer.

The future is bright for our local entrepreneur Mags!

FB: @magscabs