Meet Katie Patrick of Whitewash Interiors, a locally based interior designer, whose key focus is to create timeless spaces that evoke a positive sensory response.

Katie’s passion for interior design grew during her time at university, whilst studying textile design in Wellington. Once graduated, she worked in various interior design roles, ranging from managing a design showroom supplying some of the world’s best textiles to designers, through to being an interior designer at a boutique interior design firm.

Two years ago, Katie and her husband Hamish relocated to Waihī Beach for a more laid-back lifestyle to bring up their two children. It was here that Whitewash Interiors organically relaunched, as she found a growing demand for interior designer services at Waihi Beach. Through collaboration with local architects and construction companies, her focus has been to ensure harmonious interior design, resulting in beautiful design – whether a new build or a renovation project.

Keep an eye out for her column in the upcoming issues of It’s About Time.

Katie is here to bring out the interior designer in us, with regular seasonal interior design inspiration, along with visual mood boards and local finds.

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Katie’s Winter Interior Inspiration