Meet John and Nathan Graham, 8 and 6, who started making dog and puppy soap during lockdown. Looking for a way to earn pocket money, the brothers created two plant-based soaps designed to “keep the bugs away” and “make your dog’s coat very shiny”. Under the guidance of mum Roxy, their products have been thoroughly researched and tested on humans, their dog Lily and other willing pups. Containing 100% natural ingredients, you’ll find this beautifully packaged product on the counters of Beach Road Garden Centre and Waihi Beach Health Shop, and currently by email at The boys will be at the occasional Sunday Market alongside Jeff from Beach Road Garden Centre, and are planning a stall for the Summer Fair. John and Nathan are saving up for special items including a drone and Pokeball. Waihi Beach is very proud of this industrious duo and we think their motto of “work smarter, not harder” is spot on.

Insta: @grahambrothersco