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Sources for historical accounts have been gathered from community archives, photographs and interviews. As such the Waihi Beach, Bowentown and Athenree Historical Society are still on their  journey. Should you have something to correct, or add to the recording of our local history, contact secretary

The Trails

Athenree Stretch

This trail explores the people who shaped the community in the twentieth century, beginning at the initial settlement on Waione Road and finishing at  the Doctor North Memorial Reserve.

Lack of roads meant that all good and travellers accessing the north end of Waihi Beach from the south had to cross the ford at Athenree and traverse the beach at low tide. This sited Athenree a place of significance for the district.

Athenree has always been a place of agricultural activities for both early Maori and settlers. Fishing was bountiful and the soil was good.

Today Athenree is a small residential settlement which is growing with increasing subdivisions.

Island View Stretch

Island View was originally called Koutinui.

In the early twentieth century significant archeological sites and  middens were exposed, which revealed extensive Maori habitation since the 13th century.

The trails explore the lives of two  early settler families  who farmed the land from c1940s onwards, and early residential development.

The excursion  begins in the Island View Reserve at its entrance and ends outside the Seaford Caralease Park.

Today Island View has become  urbanised along both sides of Seaforth Road and also Emerton Road at the roundabout intersection.

North End Loop

The trail explores the first European settlement of the north end of Waihi Beach in the twentieth century and the impact that Mrs Martha Shaw and EA Wilson had shaping our small town.

It is a hardy walk as the trail meanders over a one square mile from the foreshore of Pohutukawa Park and ends at the top of the same park.

The trail describes lifestyles and characters of the early residents, holiday makers, businesses and activities of the time.

The character of the north end as a small residential area with seasonal explosions of holiday makers was formed in those early days and still exists today.

Athenree Homestead

Athenree Homestead is a significant home and grounds on the Athenree Homestead Reserve: Local Purpose Reserve Historic Homestead at 360 Athenree Road.

This QR site is a brief introduction to those who originally lived there and to the story of its restoration. Richer information is discovered in the hours the homestead is open to visitors.