Mandip was a teacher and sportsman in India. Being born and brought up in a multicultural Indian society, he likes to participate in many different cultural events and meet new people. New Zealand’s multicultural environment helped him settle here and explore entrepreneurship opportunities. He has been in the service station industry for more than 8 years and heeds the famous quote, ‘Man makes his own destiny with his hard work.’

Last year, when he took over GAS Waihi Beach, he committed himself to provide a service to the local community after he had noticed that people were facing problems, even buying a few litres of petrol or diesel.

Mandip likes being around people and acknowledges another famous quote, ‘Man is a social animal and cannot live alone.’ 

The GAS Station offers the opportunity to purchase petrol 24 hours a day with a 24/7 fuel payment terminal and recently opened a laundromat next door.  Mandip is proud to be developing his business and to be providing extra services to the Waihi Beach community.

If you want to meet or chat with him, he will welcome you with a smile at the Waihi Beach GAS station.

FB: @gaswaihibeach