We have many artists living in Waihi Beach and its surrounds. Not all have studios that are open to the public, but we talk to a few who do.

Most of these artists have all been very creative from early childhood. One of the artists interviewed, said that her Mother used to save the paper wrappers from cakes of soap, for her daughter to draw and paint on. The artists are diverse in their mediums, approach to their art and were all an absolute pleasure to interview.

Barb Young

Barb works with fabrics making creations in the Batik style.

She also makes crocheted hats and baskets, from a natural, thick weight cotton and colourful recycled fabric. She works in a very cool space, affectionately named, ’The Boatshed’.

The Boatshed is behind her house and open by appointment, or if the flag is out on the footpath.

021 103 6270

Trish Coates

Trish has been an artist for many years. She mainly works in acrylics, but also oils and watercolour. A passionate dog owner, dogs are interestingly a common theme in her work.

In fact, she finds horses and most animals easy to paint. Interestingly she owned three Irish Wolfhounds at one stage – that’s a serious dog lover!

Her art is a hugely satisfying hobby for her. She has also illustrated children’s books.

She is an active member of the Waihi Art Group, which also includes Waihi Beach artists.

Trish was a journalist for The Waihi Leader. That career started when she was asked to do a cartoon by the then owners of the paper. She did one and they then asked her if she could write as well. That set her on the trail of regular weekly filed articles, mainly focusing on Waihi Beach. Trish was Chairperson of the Waihi Beach Community Board for a number of years.

Her studio is open regularly when she is available and has her ‘Open’ sign out.

20 Papaunahi Road, Bowentown
021 255 9803


Karen Wallace

Karen’s artwork is very colourful, crisp and concise. She mainly works in acrylics, but also dabbles in watercolour and oils. Plants and also animals feature in much of her work. She informs me that elephants are very popular with art buyers.

Framing is a great expense for many artists, so she buys ready-made frames and does it herself.

Karen joins several artists on Plein air painting excursions. The concept is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape.

Their recently built house does absolute justice to showcasing her art.

Her parents encouraged her art from an early age and sent her to an artist to learn about perspective – angles and light.

Her studio is open if the flag is out at the gate.

16b Seaforth Road
021 337 559

Pam Lines

Pam’s work is primarily water colours. She enjoys the unpredictability of it, in the sense that it transforms itself. Her formal training was at the Learning Connexion in Wellington, where she completed a diploma. This was largely field based with more of a focus on visual rather than theory. She does not view her art as a hobby, rather a full-time lifestyle.

She is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and is going to an Art’s Fellowship/Scholarship artist in residence in the highlands of Scotland in August for two weeks.

The studio is open if her flag is at the gate and often open during long weekends.

022 107 5712


Colleen Tetly – Athenree Heights Art Gallery

Colleen lives in Athenree and her studio is in her large garden overlooking the wetlands. She has been a full-time painter, but is now more of a hobby artist. Her work is a mixture of acrylic, pastel and oils.

In her studio are two paintings that are works in progress, being done by her grandchildren. Colleen started them off and the grandchildren have been completing them.

Previously, Colleen was an engraver and became a painter in her 30s.

The studio is open most days.

9 Island Vista
07 863 4998


Naomi Wheeler

Naomi views her art as a semi hobby, due to still working as an occupational therapist.

She studied at the Browne School of Art in Auckland. She refers to her work as ‘open acrylic’. This is because they take longer to dry and you can manipulate them during the drying process. She recently, with another artist, exhibited a number of her works at The Waihi Museum.

Naomi’s studio is close to the village and open by appointment only.

021 027 38988


Paul Herbert – Gallery 27

Paul is a full-time professional artist and works from his studio in Fyfe Road. Beside the studio is his gallery. His medium is mainly acrylic, but he has experimented with oils and watercolour to discover that they are not his preference.

He refers to his style as ‘flat colour’ as opposed to transparent.

Paul has also been a graphic designer for a number of years.

He was fortunate to have the celebrated artist, Robin White, as his art teacher during his high school years, while Sam Hunt was his English teacher.

Paul’s studio is open every day.

27 Fyfe Road
021 235 8988


Penelope McDuff – Nice Ceramics

Formerly of Edit On Seddon, Penelope is now working from her studio at home. She studied jewellery and metalsmithing at the Dunedin University School of Art. Penny is a multi-creative, but her main medium is now ceramics. These get fired in her own kiln. She is also hoping to run some small workshops from her studio.

The studio is open by appointment only.

021 353 757


Jess Ellis – Ranger Studio

After majoring in Fine Arts at Whitecliffe, Jess wanted to create a space — an environment to cater for all creative needs, while inspiring people to gather, learn and create.

She has been hosting workshops for over eight years and opened pop-up spaces around Auckland and the BOP. Ranger finally landed its dream space, in the old Beach Motors building; with grungy stamp-pressed walls, giant ceiling beams and some seriously inspiring vibes. The space is full of creative energy and is where Jess hosts workshops from Rookies (aged 5-12 years), to adults Sip & Create evenings and private bookings. Jess is currently finishing off her Art Therapy studies. She also loves graphic design and is actually the designer of this very magazine.

Recently Jess completed a mural at Hui Café, at the north end and she is keen to do more ‘street art’.

An exhibition planned for later in the year will be a showcase of works investigating colour and shape.




Artifact – Andrew Graham

Andrew is a photo composite artist, a process that begins with a photo that is then layered with other photos and further manipulated using Photoshop.

He discovered only last year that he is an artist.

He is currently enrolled at Toi Ohoma Institute of Technology, studying towards a Bachelor of Creative Industries degree, in graphic design.

Andrew is also a picture framer and his shop and studio are in the village behind The Porch restaurant. His works are available at the Waihi Beach Gallery and in his studio.

027 223 3561