By Vicki Lambert

As a significant milestone approaches, the Bowentown Boating & Sport Fishing Club is gearing up to commemorate its 60th anniversary with an exciting weekend, filled with festivities and engaging activities. This occasion will be an opportunity for both past and present members to come together and revel in the spirit of community that has defined the club for six decades.

Kicking off the celebratory weekend on Friday, October 13th at 6pm, the club will host its customary raffles and members draw. With a grand prize of $1,000 up for grabs, anticipation is high. The evening promises a warm welcome to all those who have been part of the club’s journey, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared memories. Adding to the excitement, the 60th anniversary monster raffle will be drawn, featuring an array of ten enticing prizes.

On Saturday, October 14th, from 11am to 1pm, the club will transform its downstairs area into
a vibrant kids’ disco. As well as the club’s members and their children, youngsters from the local community are invited to join in the revelry. Decked out in their finest attire, kids will have the chance to shine in categories such as best dressed and best dancer, with a plethora of prizes awaiting the talented and enthusiastic. As an extra treat, complimentary refreshments and a lolly scramble promise to keep the energy high and the smiles wide.

Later that same day, the club will present a prestigious life membership to an individual who has made a lasting impact. This special recognition will set the tone for an evening reminiscent of the swinging 1960s. An inspired retro-themed party will unfold, complete with prizes for the most authentically attired attendees. The musical talents of the White Goat Band will grace the event, starting at 7pm. Attendees can indulge in finger foods as they dance the night away. Please note that this event requires tickets, with limited door sales available.

Bringing the weekend festivities to a conclusion, Sunday, October 15th will feature a luncheon for life members. All are welcome to attend, although reservations are essential due to the anticipated turnout. Live music will accompany the luncheon, a fitting conclusion to the club’s 60th birthday celebrations.

Check out the Bowentown Boating & Sport Fishing Club’s Facebook page for further information.