Bayleys Real Estate moved into premises in Waihī Beach Village, late October 2022. Craig Sandlant is the ambassador for the relatively new Bayley’s office at Waihī Beach. He has worked in real estate for fourteen years, initially for Eves and latterly Bayleys. Making the move from Tauranga, Craig has had a relationship with Waihī Beach, for the past 23 years, whether it being holidaying at his bach, Golf Club, Fishing, RSA or the Boating Club.

He is absolutely passionate about Waihī Beach and the surrounding areas and is so pleased to finally be living here permanently. Craig’s wife, Leeann, runs the front of house office and Craig says that living and working together is a great formula for them. They have a strong understanding of how they each work, think and ultimately achieve the same positive outcome.

Bayleys has had a long-standing presence, noticeably in the commercial market at Waihī Beach and surrounding areas, and have since decided to make a stronger foray into the residential market, having recognised the area as a ‘growth market’. Like other real estate agencies that sponsor community projects and events, Bayleys is the key sponsor for ‘Surfing for Farmers’. As a nationwide concept, Waihī Beach has a really strong group of farmers involved in this. Based at the north end of Waihī Beach, the local group will get up to 50 farmers involved. The group meets once a week from December through to late March.

Many of these farmers are beginners and really find the ‘thrill’ of forgetting about farm life while out in the waves. Craig admits he is a bit of a surfer, but wasn’t going to talk himself up about that.

He is, however, very passionate about real estate and the fact that Bayleys have placed their footprint firmly in the sand at Waihī Beach.

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