Last year, local Waihi Beach resident Jacqui Whyte posted a comment about her partner in a wheelchair not being able to access the beach easily. So many people from the community replied, saying that access at Waihi Beach should be available and easy for all.
And so this started the Accessible Waihi Beach movement.Step 1: Two beach wheelchairs were generously donated in January by a beach resident and LJ Hooker. These are available for free use all year round!
Step 2: Now we want easy access for ALL onto to our beach! We can do this by introducing Accessibility Mats which enables people in wheelchairs, those with mobility issues, our elderly community and even young families to get onto the beach.
Waihi Beach wants to get achieve this goal as a community. Guided by local Dave MacCalman Halberg Foundation, we have a plan to purchase and install mats near the mobility toilets at the north end of Waihi Beach. Waihi Beach RSA, LJ Hooker and Beach Contractors have already pledged sponsorship backing of this project.  Waihi Beach Surf Lifesaving Club are also in full support of this project.
 Local grants and trusts have been applied to, to generate funds for this project.  We are also calling on other businesses and residents to sponsor this project.  We hope to generate 60% of our goal from grants; 30% from businesses and 10% from resident donations.  Every little bit will work towards making this happen.
The project goal is to have the mats installed by December 2021.  For any details about the project or to sponsor it email: