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Natural Medicine Clinic

Waihi Beach 3611, Waihi Beach


Waihi Beach Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Sharla Van Leeuwen, can offer you a range of treatment options to set you on the road to Great Health;

  • A full Naturopathic consultation– for every health condition

o   A 90 minutes consult to find and treat ‘the cause’ of your illness, (rather than just the symptoms as in conventional medicine). Includes a kinesiology and iridology assessment and full written report.

  • Nutrition

o   Food is the original medicine. Includes written report.

  • Kinesiology and/or Hair Testing

o   To discover what foods you may be intolerant to. Includes written report.

  • Iridology

o   Your eyes are the mirror to your health. Includes written report.

  • Contact Care Flinchlock Release Therapy

o   For pain relief and mobility.


Naturopathy is fast becoming the more popular option – as more people realise they can have control and autonomy over their own health.  

Healing at the root cause, using natural herbs and good food is the most efficient and long term safeguard a person can take. 

Why be sick when you can have great health – naturally!

Sharla van Leeuwen BNatMed NZAMH

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist



Waihi Beach 3611, Waihi Beach


021-189 0163