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One more sleep!
A great way to spend Sunday afternoon :) Athenree colours.... ♥️😀 Reminiscing about yesterday morning!
Thanks for the beautiful pic Heather Lewis :) Head on down to the beach to see the Waka Ama Racing this weekend! :) Beautiful Athenree estuary....a warm autumn evening. 😀 Pretty skies, with a hint of what's (maybe, maybe not) to come. 😀 Got plans for Easter? How about some great walks? We have a walk for everyone! :) Woo! It doesn't get better than this! 
A beautiful, still evening at Waihi Beach. 😀 You know an event is going to be interesting when they have to have rules like "No nitro injection allowed", especially when the event is racing bathtubs! New date has been set. To the mancave!! :)
P.S. Rules for the event are on the website When was the last time you saw a bathtub being raced?! 
Only one week to go! :) This weekend! Come along and chip in :) Summer; continuing to sneak into Autumn (with no complaints!) 👍♥️😀 Sunday morning stroll along the beach...and giving the neighbourhood a bit of a tidy up...:Join us tomorrow for a beach clean. :) Save the date! Op Shop Ball.... 29 July. More info coming soon..... and here's a little teaser.....;)
Like the Op Shop Ball Facebook page to stay in the loop! Priorities: Morning madness, tick! Job stuff, tick! Beach time, heck yeah! #joinus #savoursummer #waihibeach #itsabouttime #bayofplentynz 😀