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Another peaceful day in paradise.... as we await tomorrow morning and the chance to get up close and personal to hot air balloons! 🎈🎈🎈 Sunrise, on this beautiful day. :)
Thanks for the early morning pic Mel O'Sullivan :) Join us for a fun night....:) Unfortunately due to the weather we have had to cancel the hot air balloons Night Glow tonight as well as the rides tomorrow morning.  😢
Back to the drawing board!!!! 🎈 The Athenree classroom ♥️🐟🦀🌞
#noplacelikehome #bayofplentytourism #itsabouttime #waihibeach Come along for a fun night and help Waihi Beach get its very own medical centre :) Wintery days at the Beach. A bit nippy! :)
Thanks for the pic Karen Schouten <3 Balloon rides are on hold due to the wind. Bummer! Trying again at 3-5pm this arvo. 🎈👍♥️ Friday night rush hour. 
Thanks for the pic Gabriella <3 Fun & fundraising! :) The meeting room (debrief with coffee!) 😁 The future Waihi Beach wants to hear from you...think it, say it, see it! :) The forecast wasn't that great today. lets remember summer for a moment! 
Morning Surfers by Mr Barry Jesney. Nice one Barry :) A lovely evening for a beach stroll ♥️🙂 A hazy, moody Thursday ❤️ Early morning magic at Athenree ♥️ Magically disappearing Tuhua! Some days so near, some days not there! 😜 Hi everyone. At this stage we won't have any balloon rides happening this arvo due to the wind. Will post an update if anything changes. Night glow still happening. Thanks! 🎈👍 One more sleep till this great quality event! :) The school holidays, beachin' it!!
 😁♥️😁♥️ Only 4 more sleeps till this amazing event! :) As it was this morning, a peaceful and serene North End 😀 Another magical Sunday <3
Thanks for the pic Claire Deed :)