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As it was this morning, a peaceful and serene North End 😀 Stunning views and silky smooth seas here today,  top of the new trig walk. ♥️ Friday night rush hour. 
Thanks for the pic Gabriella <3 It's just another day in paradise.... 😀♥️♥️♥️♥️ The meeting room (debrief with coffee!) 😁 The forecast wasn't that great today. lets remember summer for a moment! 
Morning Surfers by Mr Barry Jesney. Nice one Barry :) One more sleep till the tickets go on sale! Get in quick, before they sell out! Op Shop Ball tickets are on sale as of June 1. Available from The Professionals Real Estate in Waihi Beach village. :) Unfortunately due to the weather we have had to cancel the hot air balloons Night Glow tonight as well as the rides tomorrow morning.  😢
Back to the drawing board!!!! 🎈 4 more sleeps till Queens Birthday! Hope you're coming to see us 😀
#woohoo #dayoff #waihibeach #bopnz Early morning magic at Athenree ♥️ This will be great! <3 Community spirit @ Waihi Beach <3 Sunrise, on this beautiful day. :)
Thanks for the early morning pic Mel O'Sullivan :) Hi everyone. At this stage we won't have any balloon rides happening this arvo due to the wind. Will post an update if anything changes. Night glow still happening. Thanks! 🎈👍 We are becoming a bit of a destination for health & wellbeing... See below for one of the new wellness retreats here at Waihi Beach :) Free guided walk this Sunday, 4th June: The Poles Walk, guided by Jim Cowern. Meet at the water reservoir (Pacific Rd, North End, turn left at the top of the hill) at 10am. The track can be slippery so it might be a good idea to bring a pole for the trip down. :) Only 4 more sleeps till this amazing event! :) Ta daaa! 
Thanks to our amazing sponsors Andrews Housemovers, Flat White Cafe, Beach Pacific Apartments and of course the balloon-mad Cafe Strata team.....this ones going to be epic! :) 10 years of awesomeness! Rattle ya dags and get your can be purchased through Karen at The Professionals, Waihi person/online banking....Karen will see you right :) Benson ♥️'s beach time!
#waihibeach #mascot #communitydog #noplacelikehome Balloon rides are on hold due to the wind. Bummer! Trying again at 3-5pm this arvo. 🎈👍♥️ The future Waihi Beach wants to hear from you...think it, say it, see it! :) Another peaceful day in paradise.... as we await tomorrow morning and the chance to get up close and personal to hot air balloons! 🎈🎈🎈 Come and check out some of NZs top surfers! This weekend! :)
North End, Registrations at 8am, start 8.30am. Join Ignite Wellness Retreats and The Yoga Collective for a day of fun and connection at Waihi Beach... :)