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A beautiful day to celebrate our nation, our unique history and the shared spirit that we all contribute to that makes this country the most peaceful country on the planet. Haumi e, hui e, taiki e!!!!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What cha doin' next weekend? How about some giggles under the stars here in paradise?
(we'll through in the happy summer vibes for free) :) :) :) And this is what our morning looked like. 
Thanks to Keith Maynard for the amazeballs pic!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Here's what the start of this day looked like here. Pretty blimin' good! (with a summery temp to match! phew!)
Thanks for the cool pic Mathew Taylor :) An excellent day for book reading!
(Come back heatwave, come baaaaacck....😭) Movie night tonight! (With perfect weather) 😊 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
2018 is gonna be a cracker, just like this North End sunrise by Keith Maynard. Thanks Keith! Bet you know what & where this is! :)
Thanks for the clever pic Gabriella Fraser :) Something here for everyone! This classic event with character hits the beach, same time, same place. :) Athenree magic. ♥️
(An excellent place for extreme boogie boarding) 🤣😊😆😉 Not long to go now! Survived another year of work; check! Survived Christmas; check! Survived holiday packing & travel; check! Beach time; yeeeha!!!! Sand-castle-maker-extraordinaire????
Sand Castle Competition postponed to Monday 8th Jan
Registration 2pm, Kick-off 2:30pm
Decorations: Driftwood, Seaweed and Shells only please! North Island Surf Boat Championships is being held at Waihi Beach, outside the Surf Club this coming weekend, 3 & 4 February.

Over 250 competitors plus their supporters will be in town on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the hospitality of Waihi Beach. Come on down and watch the exciting racing while supporting our two local teams. :) Sadly, due to extreme winds the Summer Fair has had to stop today. :(
A good day to try one of our amazing eateries instead! Hit the Waihi Beach Hotel and check out their summer music festival! Woo!!!! We are feeling that summer-holidays vibes here! ♥️♥️🌞🌞😀😀 Magical moments in Bowentown.... <3
Thanks for the pic Sheran Webb :) Are we suddenly in the tropics?! Feels like it!!
P.s. please be careful of strong rips... no lifeguards on duty! The Flatwhite has no electricity tonight due to a fault in the supply down the road. 
Blinkin’ weather! Phew! Hot, muggy and misty here today. Summer fun in all its forms ...😁 This Saturday night is going to be fab. Weather is peeeeerrrrrrfect! Come see kiwi movie Boy under the stars at Wilson Park. We have live music on site from 6pm, yummy food stalls and even giant games and more fun from 100% Summer. Whoop! Whoop! <3 :) <3 :)