Tuhua (Mayor Island)

Mayor Island Track, Mayor Island


The marine reserve surrounding it is a wonderful dive spot, with a mixture of shallow reef and deepwater environments. Warm currents bring subtropical visitors, and there are dense schools of kingfish and pink and blue maomao, among many other species.

The island has beautiful beaches and two crater lakes – one green and one black. It was settled by Maori about 600 years ago, and was fiercely defended throughout its pre-European history due to its deposits of obsidian – a rare black volcanic glass used to make cultural artefacts and weaponry.


Tuhua is 35 km offshore north of Tauranga. The marine reserve covers about three square nautical miles at the northern end of the island and extends from mean high water springs mark to one nautical mile offshore. The reserve includes about five km of coastline from Tumutu Point east to Turanganui Point.

Where to stay?

Tuhua is now uninhabited but can be visited with permission from the Tuhua Trust Board. You can stay on the island during the summer months (between Labour Weekend and Easter).

You can contact the Trust board directly to make bookings and payments. Phone: +64 7 579 0580

Cabins : 2,4,6 bunk units with toilets & hand basins.
Campsites : parties & family groups

How to get there?

Unfortunately there is no charter running from Waihi Beach or around.

During the main holiday period (Boxing Day to the end of January) regular ferry trips run from Tauranga and Whangamata on three or four days per week or more often subject to demand or weather. Ferries depart Coronation Pier, Tauranga and Salisbury Wharf, Mt Maunganui. The trip takes approximately 2 hours each way from Salisbury Wharf.

Fares vary between day trips (return same day) and stop-overs (return different day)

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At other times, charter boats and fishing excursions travel to Tuhua subject to demand or by arrangement. Larger passenger vessels can cater for big parties or mixed fishing/island passenger groups. Smaller boats are available for private charter by small groups. Parties can also arrange with their charter boat operator to stay ashore Tuhua for the night.